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Whether they're used for the purpose of cooking up delicacies, making a little extra cash or mending a broken relationship, bodily fluids have been conserved and even specifically sought after as a very special ingredient to use in the kitchen. You may wonder who is crazy enough to actually want to eat these things and you know what, you're absolutely right! These are absolutely disgusting and hopefully you won't lose your lunch looking at these dishes.

What are the most disgusting dishes cooked with body fluid? From breast milk, to cat poop, to semen and yes, even menstrual blood, here are the seven most disgusting dishes ever served up that have contained body fluids. Bon appetit.

Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream

Matt O'Connor set out to reinvent gelato ice cream and opened his version of an ice cream boutique called The Icecreamists in Covent Garden, London.

In an interview he said the concept was aimed at 18-30 year old women, but ever since he began selling a flavor called "Baby Gaga" at the end of February, 2011, O'Connor's ice cream is getting attention from every single demographic, including some fetishists, and has even pissed off Lady Gaga due to the closeness of the ice cream to her own name.

The flavor is a mix of Madagascar vanilla pods, lemon zest and breast milk. 1 serving goes for 14 pounds or about $22.50.

Despite the initial "yuck" factor, the organic flavor sold out fast. Several skeptical people complained about the potential health risks of using breast milk (the spread of diseases like hepatitis or even byproducts of drugs or medicines) and it was quickly confiscated by the Westminster City Council.

However, they tested the breast milk (even though it had already been screened) and found it to be totally safe.

O'Connor paid the 15 mothers who contributed to the first batch of "Baby Gaga" 15 pounds per third liter. He claims that his breast milk is organic and free-range (Jesus Christ, we sure hope it is) and that it contains beneficial qualities such as being low in fat and sugar and that even people who are lactose intolerant can eat it.

Now that the flavor is back on sale, will breast milk ice cream become a worldwide flavor? Will there be farms for milking women's breasts to provide for the insatiable demand? Will this lead to the coining of the term MILE (An eating derivative of MILF)?

Not if Lady Gaga has anything to do about it. The pop culture queen actually sued the ice cream parlor for "riding the coattails" of her fame and called the breast milk flavor "nausea-inducing." Hey, some people I know won't even try sushi, so breast milk ice cream really probably isn't for everyone.

In an official response posted on the Icecreamists website blog on March 4th defending himself, O'Connor said that the flavor was called Baby Gaga because "gaga" is one of the first words uttered by an infant. He also said the costume the Icecreamists use is in reference to Madonna's conical brassiere from her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. So not only are they saying that the word Gaga obviously existed before Gaga was famous, but that Madonna actually did a lot of the crap she did first (which are both true.)

He then used Lady Gaga's argument against her, stating that "for someone who has plagiarized and recycled on an industrial scale, the entire back catalogue of pop-culture to create her look, music and videos, she might want to re-consider this allegation." BURN.

O'Connor is ready to take Gaga on in court, boasting that he'll "lick" her and has applied to register the trademark Baby Gaga.

Check out Matt O'Connor's response to Lady Gaga calling the product "nausea-inducing" here.

The Icecreamists have perhaps had the most success and publicity with using breast milk in human history, but others have indeed tried it before them.

In 2008 Hans Lochen, a restaurant owner in Switzerland, served dishes like breast milk lamb curry to his friends and got great feedback but when he tried to include the dishes on his menu he was shut down by the Swiss government.

In another case reported by the UK paper The Sun in 2010, a mother said she cooked with breast milk often because it's "sweeter and slightly oily" compared to cow's milk. She used her extra breast milk to make cheesecake, cupcakes and lasagna for her family.

How are you going to use your (or your mom's/wife's/girlfriend's) breast milk today? And now for the actually disgusting delicacies...

Natural Harvest Cookbook of Semen Based Recipes

Yes, this book is real. And no, nobody probably does anything with it but buy is at a gag gift, but you could technically try every single recipe in this very real book (and even buy it in Amazon if you don't believe me -- click on the amazon button below and... uh... just don't post any pictures of your culinary adventures. At least not of the cooking parts, if you're using fresh ingredients.)

For the truly experimental cook, and for a challenge you will (most likely) never see in a Top Chef competition, a cookbook was released in 2008 composed entirely of semen-based recipes (good protein source!... or so I've heard...) and sells for $25.

It's not often that you see semen listed as an ingredient on a recipe (though not because it's rare or is some sort of delicacy). Usually you just get it in your food for free whenever you send a perfectly good dish back to the kitchen.

According to the cookbook's introduction, "Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants." They'd clean up in all male high schools, the only difference being that it would be collected into pantries instead of embarrassing wads of tissues in waste baskets that'll go directly to landfills.

The author places semen alongside "fine wines and cheeses" as one of the most exquisite ingredients that can be used for cooking. The cookbook contains recipes using semen for every course, from appetizers to desserts. Basically, the semen replaces milk or cream in a White Russian or Irish Coffee. Oh, and if you like your caviar slightly saltier than normal, just add semen!

*goes to terrifying, disgusting-looking section of the fridge*

According to the author, "adding semen to common appetizers is a great way to get the conversation started at your next dinner party," but according to common sense, it's probably just a way to buy time before everyone does what you've been wishing your girlfriend would do for years (or what you've been avoiding, intentionally, for years.)

Before you invite your friends over for a semen-filled, here's a tip: make sure you have the consent of your dinner guests before slipping some semen in their food. And if you're a guest, make sure you bring a condom. So you can wrap and throw that sucker out when no one is looking. Just common courtesy right?

Think about it: a huge portion of women will not swallow by very principle, if not just for the bad taste, so not telling people about this could be seen as a huge offense and even lead to losing some friends. Although, on the other hand, maybe most women won't swallow because it's in its pure state. I mean, you don't eat the disgustingly sweet syrup that is mixed with sparkling water that ends up being combined into a Coca Cola, do you? So maybe it's just a raw ingredients issue... hmmm... *goes to encyclopedia to look up the word "no"*

The best part is always saved for last, though -- the desserts in the book are plentiful and sound almost-appetizing (what has become of us, Internet?) like Creamy C*m Crepes and C*m Creme Caramel. Now doesn't that make your mouth water?

Oh and on your way out, would you care for a smoothie recipe?

Boy's Urine-Soaked Eggs a Speciality in Dongyong, China

In Dongyong, China, people just can't get enough of the latest specialty in street food -- 8 year old boys' urine-soaked eggs ( or Tong Zi Dan), which are sold at 1.50 yuan (23 cents) a piece -- which, c'mon, hey, you've tried some pretty disgusting stuff for a lot more money than that.

Apparently, something in the urine of prepubescent boys, preferably around age 10 (no idea why this is a thing), tastes really really good. If someone could take the logo for one of eight million Chinese restaurants named Golden [ANYTHING] and replace the second word with "showers", I would be eternally grateful and even credit you after I post it in this item because nothing, nothing, would be more appropriate for the name of a restaurant that serves this.

How Is It Cooked?
The egg-making process is really simple. Schoolboys pee into buckets during break, which is later collected by street vendors to soak their eggs. WTF? Really. This is a huge outrage. If women are getting paid for their breast milk, isn't it only fair that these boys get paid for their urine. Donations of such a precious commodity should not be allowed.

If I were them, I would be pissed.

Also, as a way to ensure citizens of Dongyong get the best and healthiest urine on the market, teachers are doing their part by reminding boys not to pee if they have a fever (the one and only possible disease that you can get from a child's urine.)

The delicacy is seasonal, sold in the spring because according to vendors, you won't feel sleepy or get a heat stroke after eating some. Some locals are complaining about the stink but others are having 10 a day and are becoming addicted to the finger food.

The snack links back to a time in China's history when farmers used urine, which crystallizes after it stands for a while, to promote blood circulation, decrease internal heat and remove blood stasis.

In case you're looking to try it, here's the process for making these babies:
First, soak eggs in urine and heat them over the stove. After it boils, get all eggs out and crack their shells before putting them back. After a while, pour in new urine. Repeat it and simmer eggs for an entire day.


Indonesian Maid Adds Menstrual Blood to Employers' Food

Get your paper bag ready for this story. Seriously. This story is NSFL (not safe for lunch.)

On April 15, 2009 an employer named Mok walked into the kitchen in her Hong Kong home to find her Indonesian maid Indra Ningsih acting suspiciously. Mok walked over to the pot of vegetables that Nighsih was cooking to find a blood clot boiling inside it. She later found a used pad in her kitchen trash bin. Yes, that's right, Ningsih had mixed in her menstrual blood with the vegetables.

She had good intentions though--she wanted to improve her relationship to her employer, who had been scolding her, and claimed the blood would make Mok "more amicable and less picky." Ningsih was jailed on the charge of "administering poison or other destructive or noxious substances with intent to injure." Which, if you take the cultural context of the entire thing into consideration, is a really wrongful allegation.

So, the Department of Justice was unable to prosecute her since a government laboratory reported that menstrual blood is not toxic. At worst, she could only be fined, fired by her employer and perhaps banned from working in Hong Kong.

Hopefully, all three... I think (?)

Another Indonesian maid in Hong Kong was jailed for three months in 2007 after being convicted of adding urine to the drinking water of her employer, believing it would make the family treat her better.

In 2008, a court in Saudi Arabia jailed two maids from Indonesia and the Philippines for four months and sentenced them to 250 lashes each for putting urine and menstrual blood in their employer's tea.

So be careful who you hire as your housekeeper (and keep your kitchen far away from the bathroom.) Oh, and also, make sure you hire people with even a distant sense of hygiene. That would probably help too. Just throwin' that out there.