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12 Badass Anime Characters Who Got Lame Over Time

Updated 11 Jun 2020 15.8k votes 3.6k voters 55.6k views12 items

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Just because an anime character starts out great doesn't mean they stay that way throughout the whole series. In fact, there are plenty of anime characters who got worse over time. 

In some cases, these characters just didn't get the greatest development; they aren't terrible, but they could stand for some improvement. This is true of Elias Ainsworth from The Ancient Magus' Bride. Bone Daddy isn't a horrible character, but he does some things that make his relationship with Chise seriously questionable. In other cases, the character is wrecked beyond all redemption. For example, does anybody really still like Gohan after the Cell Games? And what Sword Art Online fan isn't righteously pissed when Asuna spends all of Season 2 locked in a cage? 

It's frustrating when beloved characters get less awesome over the course of the show. Let's commiserate! 

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