These Astrology Inspired Makeup Looks Are Beyond Magical

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Which of these cosmic looks do you love the most?

Through astrology makeup looks, you can literally embody the stars using your favorite cosmetics. Here you'll find a collection of makeup artists from Instagram who do amazingly detailed astrological makeup inspired by each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. You'll find everything from catwalk-ready makeup to more understated looks that you can draw everyday inspiration from. So no matter which sign you were born under, come on in and check out the awesome zodiac makeup looks these super talented ladies have created. Whether you're an eternally curious Gemini, a deeply emotional Cancer, or a wildly adventurous Aquarius, these artists have got looks that bring the strength and beauty of your sign right to the surface. 

To get the glimmer of the stars into your look, these glittery makeup products will imbue your zodiac look the much-needed glitz. Check out your own sign or learn a little more about the astrological nature of your friends as you feast your eyes on these looks that encapsulate the mystifying and fantastic traits of the zodiac.