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Absolutely Terrific Attack On Titan Tattoos

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Attack on Titan is epic in every sense of the word, so you know hardcore fans of the bloody terrific dark fantasy series created some equally as terrible and disturbing tattoos, in a totally awesome way, of course! The best Attack on Titan tattoos combine the anime's ferocity, daring, horror, and adventure to form truly awe-inspiring masterpieces, and the artists behind these captivating tattoos completely nailed it.

From Attack on Titan tattoo sleeves to Wings of Freedom and Survey Corps tattoos, every aspect of the anime gets transformed into wicked fan art in some way shape or form. Check out these die-hard anime devotees who got a brutal representation of their fandom engraved on their flesh forever in the form of cool Attack on Titan tattoos. Now that Attack on Titan Season 2 has finally arrived, let this list remind you why everyone's passion for this show is as large as its subject matter.