The Best Car Logos Ever Designed

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A list of the most striking and iconic car symbols ever. Brand logos are important, especially for cars. It isn't easy for manufacturers to make a first impression, so logo design is absolutely essential. Over the last 120 years or so, thousands of cars and car companies have come and gone, many because of bad marketing.

Early auto logo designs were busier and more detailed, less iconic. Buick's, for instance, was a photo-realistic picture of a man walking around a detailed globe. As artistic ambition gave way to instant brand recognition, those older and more complex designs got sleeker and more modernist. It's not easy to keep a design long enough that generations will know it when they see it, while also keeping up with the times by way of a slick symbol.

Here are a few examples of the best and coolest car emblems. Some are cool because of the history behind them, as well as the grand triumphs and hilarious failures that followed them. Some were designed for pure style and others out of pure spite. But no matter how they came about, these car emblems are undoubtedly the coolest of the cool.
Most divisive: Nissan Skyline GT-R