Animated This Challenge Asks Artists To Reimagine Their Art In Different Cartoon Styles  

Alex Welch
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List Rules Vote up the best reinterpretations of the same subject in different art styles.

Any artist knows that it can be hard to deviate from a particular style of drawing once you develop an attachment to it. A fun cartoon style challenge has been floating around the Internet to push artists outside their normal comfort zones. In the challenge, they are tasked with drawing multiple portraits of a subject in various styles of other well-known artists and shows. The results can often be fun examples of an outside artist offering up their take on an already established cartoon/design style.

The challenge is similar to how you can reimagine Game of Thrones characters in a Disney style or draw Pokemon and Simpsons mash-up art. So whether it be an artist trying their hand at an Adventure Time-inspired art style or having a go at the world of The Boondocks, these amazing responses to the style challenge are artistic and fun in the absolute best way possible. Check them out below and vote up the ones that nail multiple styles!

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Emzdrawings' Style Challenge



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XenoPurple_Art's Style Challenge



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Beautifulness87's Style Challenge



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MastermindsConnect's Style Challenge



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