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The Coolest Celebrity Octogenarians

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Age ain't nothing but a number, and famous people in their 80s wear their age as a badge of honor. Famous celebrities who made it to their 80s are like high-level Pokemon, every passing year another opportunity to extend their skill sets, their IMDb reels, and their Wikipedia pages. Their presence in the public eye over many decades mean celebrities in their 80s not only survived fame, they thrived in it; now they are free to live the rest of their days giving the finger to societal norms about older folks.

These famous people in their 80s saw a great deal of modern history occur firsthand, having witnessed a World War, a Cold War, and Star Wars. You may be surprised which celebs are in their 80s, and even more pleasantly so when you realize they all appear to be doing quite well. The octogenarians on this list have each lived a grand lifetime and left behind an immense legacy, and still find the energy to be awesome today. If you had any doubts about your golden years, look to cool celebrity octogenarians for hope and inspiration on how to keep your edge in your old age