The Most Amazing Cakes Inspired by Comic Books

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If you're a huge fan of comic books, you really can have your cake and eat it too. These cool cakes inspired by comics are not your typical Pinterest fail cakes. No, these comic book cakes are so awesome that they're almost as super as the comic cook heroes themselves. They're so super that it almost seems like a tragic superhero story to actually eat them. It's like destroying art to eat these cakes. But hey, some art is meant to be destroyed. Some art is meant to be consumed. It's reasonable to assume that these cakes were baked to be eaten, but it still seems a little tragic that they were. Luckily for the world, the Internet is here to make sure that everyone has a chance to see them. Vote up your favorite comic book cakes and remember... with great cake, comes great responsibility.

Photo: Imgur / Imgur