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19 Reasons Daniel Radcliffe Is The Most Awesome Dude In Hollywood

Updated May 5, 2020 364.5k views19 items

Of course Danielle Radcliffe is a cool guy. Any actor who allows himself to be ridden like a jet ski by Paul Dano is definitely in touch with his inner chill vibes (not to mention the rest of his impressive filmography). But maybe you don’t believe that the guy who played Harry Potter for a decade could be cool. If that's the case, maybe you need to read about all the ways Daniel Radcliffe is awesome. And consider yourself lucky because you’re about to become so inundated with reasons why Daniel Radcliffe is a great guy, you’ll be on the Hogwarts Express to Radcliffe-ville faster than you can say, “Accio Daniel Radcliffe trivia.”

What if you already think Daniel Radcliffe is a cool guy? Are these facts about why Daniel Radcliffe seems awesome worth your time? Of course they are, you goofball! There are at least 17 reasons Daniel Radcliffe is cool as heck on this list that you need to know before you go back to Potterworld.