Cool Easter Egg Ideas You'll Wish You Thought Of

Sick of using the same old Easter egg ideas year after year? Looking for something a little more creative that giving a couple of eggs a food coloring bath this Easter? Well if so, then your mind is about to be blown by this collection of fun Easter eggs ideas that are not only original but will give you the chance to shamelessly channel your inner Easter geek.

The ideas you’ll find below range from creative DIY Easter eggs to gloriously geeky cool Easter eggs by professional artists. Can’t get enough Doctor Who? Get ready to geek out over the killer Tardis eggs you’re about to behold. More of a Star Wars fan? No problemo! There are several styles of eggs below that are totally out of this world. Take yourself on an Internet Easter egg hunt to find some of the coolest throwback Easter eggs ideas and even a few designs that will appeal to classic cartoon lovers and manga fans.

So if you’re sick of the same old tired Easter eggs then look no further, friend. Here you’ll find some of the coolest, most creative, and shamelessly geeky Easter eggs that have ever been dipped in dye!
  • 1. These Classic Nintendo Throwback Eggs

    These Classic Nintendo Throwback Eggs
    Photo: Red-Flare / via Deviant Art
  • 2. These Magnificent Marvel Masterpieces

    These Magnificent Marvel Masterpieces
    Photo: Red-Flare / via Deviant Art
  • 3. These Super Cool Superhero Eggs

  • 4. These Insanely Cute Cartoon Eggs

    These Insanely Cute Cartoon Eggs
    Photo: via Etsy