Alcohol 21 Cool Flasks That Make Drinking Way More Fun  

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Why pour a drink when you can slurp it from a straw connected to your hat, bra, or stomach? There's just something way more fun about drinking from a flask. (And not just because clever flasks are a convenient way to sneak alcohol into an event.) Cool flasks go beyond alcohol hiding places, they're perfect for lazy drinkers who just want to sip the day away without the mess and hassle of a cup. There are a number of products on the market that will solve all your drinking woes, and lucky for you, we've compiled them all into one handy list.

Sometimes you just want to bring your own "happy juice!" Whether you're trying to smuggle your booze into an over-priced club, or just want to make sure you have a refreshing beverage on the golf links, the products on our list can help.  

You've probably seen the "Beer Belly" and the "Wine Rack," two products that you actually wear to help conceal either beer, wine, or the cocktail of your own creation. But you might not have seen the Bev Brush (seriously) or the Bible flask (we're not kidding there either). Maybe props like that aren't your thing. Perhaps the "Bev-Bag" (literally just a purse with a hidden liquid bag and spout), or the chic flask bangle are more your style. Either way, all these products are awesome, and also just a little lot ridiculous. 

So before you put vodka into a water bottle or bust out your boring college flask at a party, take a look at our list of drinking hacks for some of the best flasks available. Vote up the product that makes it the easiest to keep the drinks flowing.
"Bev-Brush" 6 Oz. Pa... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 21 Cool Flasks That Make Drinking Way More Fun
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This Bev-Brush paddle brush flask looks and works exactly like a real paddle brush. The best part is you can actually use it as a functional brush. The mirror on the back helps you to check your drunk face!  
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"Bev-Cam" Camera Fla... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 21 Cool Flasks That Make Drinking Way More Fun
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This camera flask gives new meaning to "let's take a quick shot!" It also carries 5 oz. so you can take multiple "shots."

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Flask Scarf is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 21 Cool Flasks That Make Drinking Way More Fun
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Keep yourself warm two ways! A scarf is a perfect stay-warm accessory, especially when it also functions as a flask.
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Stadium Sippin' Seat is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 21 Cool Flasks That Make Drinking Way More Fun
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The Sippin' Seat holds 750 ml and can withstand 300 pounds of pressure which makes this the perfect take-along for any game or tailgating party. 
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