These Galaxy Makeup Looks Are The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

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If you've yet to hear about the cool galaxy makeup trend sweeping through Instagram lately, then prepare to see some stars. A remarkable blend of astronomy and cosmetology, galaxy makeup looks take makeup to a whole new atmosphere, where the face is only one  of the surfaces available to you. Lips, eyes, collarbones, even someone's entire figure all provide a vast canvas on which you may freely map out the stars, planets, and nebulas that suit your style. Given the infinite vastness of the universe, why should your galactic makeup be restricted by convention? 

Whether looking to see what the trend is all about or for inspiration on how to apply those galaxy makeup tutorials you've been meaning to try, you've come to the right place. Featuring the work of a wide variety of incredibly talented Insta make-up artists, the coolest, most stunning, and all-around interesting galactic makeup ideas will motivate you to try out some galaxy makeup at home. Get ready to see some supernovas among this collection of galactic makeup transformations.

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