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17 Reasons P!nk Is The Coolest Pop Star In Hollywood

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Alecia Moore, also known as P!nk, is a massive pop star. Ask any fan for P!nk trivia, and they'll tell you that she's won Grammys, topped the charts, and blown away audiences with her aerial, acrobatic performances. But these aren't the only reasons why listeners adore her. P!nk is a great role-model as well.

P!nk stories prove that she's independent, fearless, kind, and completely hilarious. Who contributes to tons of charities? P!nk. Who started out singing at nightclubs and slinging fries at McDonald's? P!nk. Who challenged beauty conventions with her sometimes pink, sometimes spiky, always memorable hair? Definitely P!nk. She's as devoted a mother as she is a fierce performer, and she somehow makes it all look easy.

If you don't already know why P!nk is great, these stories will clue you in.

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    She Has A Huge Crush On Johnny Depp

    Photo: ABC

    P!nk apparently harbors an intense crush on Johnny Depp. According to P!nk herself, her husband forced her to introduce herself to Depp, but the interaction was uncomfortable. When Jimmy Kimmel found out about this little crush, he arranged for Depp to surprise P!nk on air. Hilarity ensued.

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    Her Stage Name Has A Funny Backstory

    Photo: @Pink / via Instagram

    It's not just a hair color. Alecia became known as "Pink" from a young age, as she was easily embarrassed and tended to blush. Later, upon seeing Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, her friends all agreed that she was a lot like the character Mr. Pink. Just like that, the name stuck.

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    She's A Huge Animal Lover

    Photo: blumonkey14 / via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Animals, have no fear - P!nk is here. A vegetarian and a spokesperson for PETA, she is a fierce defender of animal rights. She has also achieved every pet lover's dream: throwing a celebrity dog party.

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    She Had A Dog Named "F*cker"

    Photo: @Pink / via Instagram

    According to some stories, P!nk once had a pit bull named "F*cker." Unfortunately, tabloids reported that she tended to shout his name at nice, family-friendly restaurants, though P!nk's spokesperson at the time denied the claims.

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