11 Absurdly Crazy Buildings Made from Trash and Recycled Materials

When you think of buildings made of trash, what do you imagine? A steaming pile of garbage with a leaky roof? Something so dirty a vulture wouldn't land on it? Or perhaps you're thinking of something more foundational, like the house built on sand by that foolish man in the Gospels.

As it turns out, a lot of trash buildings look slick and standing firm once their enterprising owners finish putting all the bits and pieces in place. Sure, some of the final results are undeniably weird cases of what-in-the-world – but at the same time, many more are carefully planned, well-designed recycled structures that tower above a crumbling monotony of cookie-cutter neighborhoods and subdivisions.

Some of those who build with trash are driven by environmental concerns, others just want to create something colossally unique. Often enough, it's a little bit of both. And then there's the people who are just plain crazy. But somehow, regardless of the architect's state of mind, these projects always seem to turn into works of art that attract the masses.