Politics Cool Shit That Kim Jong Il Owns  

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As the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, Kim Jong Il has no problem acquiring anything and everything he wants, leading to this list of the cool s**t that Kim Jong Il owns.

As the first two items suggest, running a country can be stressful, which is why the world leader purchases, imports and stocks thousands of bottles of cognac and wine each year. Of course with that much alcohol, or that much of anything, he needs plenty of space to store it, but that's no problem for Kim Jong Il, who also reportedly has 17 different residential palaces.

Traveling between these homes can also be tiresome for anyone with that many houses, which is why it's convenient that Kim Jong Il also reportedly owns his own luxury armored train and multi-million-dollar fleet of Mercedes Benz cars to get him from point A to point B.

These items, and many more crazy-expensive things, are just a sampling of the cool s**t owned by Kim Jong Il.

Hennessey Cognac

In the early 1990s, trade figures leaked to the media revealed that Kim is the largest single consumer of Hennessy cognac, importing more than $750,000 worth of top-of-the-line stock a year for his private collection. He likes not just any Hennessey, but a specific type that sells for over $600 a bottle. For comparison, the average person in North Korea makes only about $900 per year.


Since drinking bottles and bottles of Hennessey day after day can become monotonous, Kim also reportedly stocks his personal wine cellars with around 20,000 bottles. He orders his vino from around the world, but allegedly not from the United States, who banned selling goods to the leader in 2007.

Platform Shoes

Kim reportedly has a fierce dislike of short people, but standing at only five-foot-three himself presents some challenges for the world leader. Because of that, Kim allegedly wears some custom-made platform shoes that give him a four-inch boost. Yes, Kim Jong Il wears heels, but man heels.


Providing him plenty of space to store his alcohol and closets for his platform shoes, Kim Jong Il reportedly owns no less than 17 palaces. These are no ordinary homes either, with many including Olympic sized swimming pools and acres of land. Of course each is stocked with a full staff, including people whose job is to do nothing but inspect his rice to make sure each piece is the same size and shape. I'm not kidding.