Force-Awakening Star Wars Origami That Only Jedi Masters Can Pull Off

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A combination of a global phenomenon and a timeless art form, Star Wars origami tells the story of a galaxy far, far away on a completely new set of pages. As hi-tech as the Star Wars franchise gets in terms of robotics and weaponry, people managed to find a way to translate that futuristic vibe into some cool Star Wars origami. Star Wars fan art arrives from all corners of the Internet in a variety of ways, and origami Star Wars figures simply show another take on this seemingly endless story. Origami inspired by Star Wars, like Star Wars versions of famous albums, combines two different classics, in this case origami and the films, to create something entirely fresh.

An origami X-Wing might sound like a joke, but it's hardly the funniest Star Wars art out there. If anything, these origami Vaders and lightsabers look ready to take part in the never ending fight for galactic control. The paper figures below look geared up and ready for an adventure, and if you study up on some of the artists' origami techniques, even you might be able to join them one day.

Photo: Phillip West / Flickr / CC-BY 2.0

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    A Delicately Crafted Millennium Falcon

    A great miniature Millennium Falcon by Tadashi Mori that looks ready to withstand some asteroids.

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    A Multicolored Master Yoda

    Complete with tiny little fingers, this delicate origami model of Master Yoda came from the hands of deviantetienne. Impressive, it is.

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    A Paper Jedi In 3D

    This Jedi warrior by Phillip West clearly aches for a fight.

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    An Expertly Folded X-Wing Fighter

    This awesome looking X-Wing fighter by Mike1014805 just needs a paint job before it can battle the Empire.

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    This Battle Ready Paper TIE Fighter

    German Fernandez created this TIE Fighter destined to be killed by a origami X-Wing Fighter.

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    A Jedi Battle Scene That Could End Up With Some Crumpled Paper

    This piece by starwars_origami shows how a lightsaber battle might go down in a paper universe.

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