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The Most Genius Stash Containers Money Can Buy

Updated 14 Dec 2018 3.7k votes 528 voters 21.6k views16 items

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Ever found yourself in a situation that required a little extra stealth and wish you had a couple of genius stash holders laying around? If so then you've come to the right place! Now of course, we'd totally never hint that these cool stash holders could also double as anything crazy like. . . oh say drug stash containers or anything. Such an idea would be way too diabolical to have even entered our minds. 

What you'll find here however, are a wide variety of totally cool stash containers that we totally can't be held responsible for what you hide in. So the next time you find yourself going to a concert, the beach, or any other event that might require a little help being shifty, look no further than the crafty James Bond-esque items you'll find below. 

After all, every now and then we all need someplace to store our favorite little green friend. . . cause who wants to risk loosing their money right?

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