Most Popular Teen Actors And Musicians Of 2020

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UPDATED: Check out the most popular teen actors and musicians of 2021!

Who are the most popular teen celebrities in 2020? These teen actors, actresses, and musicians have accomplished so much, and they haven't even hit their twenties yet! Can you believe that Billie Eilish won five Grammys at the 2020 awards show at only 18 years old? She's definitely in the top 10 teenage celebrities on this list. There aren't many teenage musicians who can say that.

The cast of Stranger Things are also some of the most famous teenage actors and and actresses in 2020. Navigating life as a teenager is tricky enough — these young celebrities manage to have a successful acting career on top of it! It must not be easy, but for these entertainers, it's second nature.

Skai Jackson and Iris Apatow are some popular teen actresses, with impressive resumes despite their young age. Wyatt Oleff from IT is one of the young popular male actors in 2020. Millie Bobby Brown Rowan Blanchard are also famous teenagers you will see on this list. Who are your favorite of the famous teen actresses? Would you consider David Mazouz one of the most famous teen actors? Perhaps you're more of a Jaeden Martell fan. 

These are the teen celebs who you've been seeing on your TV screens all year. Be sure to vote up whichever young famous people you believe to be the top young female actors, male actors, or musicians. Then, check back to see if your favorite made it to the top!