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13 Unexpected Things Most People Don't Know About Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was a civil rights activist, Muslim minister, and one of the most consequential people in American history. He was also a controversial figure, adored by thousands and feared by thousands more; in essence, there is no shortage of reasons Malcolm X is important.

Malcolm X was born to a homemaker and a Baptist minister in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1925. His birth name was Malcolm Little, and he was one of eight siblings. His childhood experiences greatly impacted his future political and religious positions, adn they engendered many of the most hardcore facts about Malcom X. For example, Malcolm’s father, Earl Little, was a staunch supporter of Marcus Garvey, leader of the Black Nationalists. The Nation of Islam movement, where Malcolm would eventually serve as a prominent leader, sprung from Black Nationalist philosophies. From his spiritual awakenings in prison and Mecca to his experiences as a sex worker, Malcolm X too often gets cast aside as a "negative" example of violent civil rights activism, when, in fact, his life was a great deal more complex than that.

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