20 Epic Anime Entrances That Gave Us Chills

Whether it's the moment when viewers are first introduced to a character or a time when they show up at the last minute to save the day, an anime entrance done right can be one of the standout moments in an anime. 

What are some of the best anime entrances? One memorable example is when Shanks appears to put an end to war in One Piece. Conversely, there's Madara's appearance in Naruto - after being revived by Edo Tensei, he immediately starts wreaking havoc.

Some of these entrances peaceful, while others are anything but. Which ones impressed you the most?


  • After listening to Coby's entreaty for peace, Shanks steps in to take over. He stops Akainu's lava fist with his sword, and entreats the Marines to end the war - which, surprisingly, they do. It's an amazing example of diplomacy and quiet strength. 

  • When all seemed hopeless in Riza Hawkeye's fight with Envy, Roy Mustang shows up and ruthlessly uses his flame alchemy to repeatedly burn Envy as they scream in agony. It's terrifying to see him so enraged, which is exactly what makes the scene so impactful. 

  • After learning to use Sage Jutsu, Naruto is a new man - a new man flanked by a small army of enormous toads. We know exactly how hard he's been training at this point, so we have an idea of how that training is going to help him put the hurt on Pain.

  • When all hope seems lost for Class 1-A in their struggle against the invading League of Villains, All Might rushes to the scene with a reassuring smile on his face, and quickly eliminates the threat. While we already he was the worlds' most renowned hero, this scene proves he deserves the title.