The 20 Coolest Anime Guns Of All Time

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One of anime's biggest draws lies in its battle and fight scenes, always made more epic by the introduction of cool guns and weaponry. Gunfight scenes in anime elevate the gunslinger trope to another level by giving the fighters unique firearms with abilities you hardly see in other media, much less real life.

The very best anime guns do more than just fire bullets; they shoot flames, cast spells, and even possess souls of their own. Only the finest anime gunslingers are capable and deserving of such formidable weapons, whose power is sometimes even beyond their control.

  • The Hellsing ARMS 13mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol Jackal - 'Hellsing'
    Photo: Hellsing / Funimation

    Though both of Alucard's Casull guns boast considerable firepower, the vampire needed extra destructive force to injure his most deadly enemies. Thus, the Jackal was born. While the handgun is too heavy for mortals, the supernatural Alucard uses the Jackal with ease to mow down enemies in the world of Hellsing. Against one vampire, the Jackal managed to take out an entire leg with a single shot.

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  • AGL Arms .45 Long Colt - 'Trigun'
    Photo: Trigun / Madhouse

    While Trigun's Vash the Stampede never shoots to kill, he always arrives to save those in danger with his AGL Arms .45 Long Colt revolver. The silver revolver is part of a pair created by Vash's twin brother, Knives, and holds a dark power. Vash's revolver transforms into the Angel Arm canon, a weapon so powerful Vash once lost control of it and blew a hole in the moon.

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  • Not everything in the futuristic world of Outlaw Star exists purely as science. Gene Starwind's Caster Gun, for example, fires special rounds imbued with magical properties. Technically, they're considered pre-cast spells. Depending on the Caster Shell, the Caster Gun can fire everything from an electrical charge or a black hole. It works well against Tao magic, but Caster Guns are functionally useless against each other.

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  • The Dominator makes for the perfect authoritarian weapon in the cyberpunk world of Psycho-Pass. More than a simple firearm, it analyzes the mental state of an individual and reacts accordingly to the situation. If the subject shows high levels of mental instability, the Dominator obliterates the individual on the spot.

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  • The Punisher - 'Trigun'
    Photo: Trigun / Madhouse

    Weighing in at 300 lbs, the Punisher is the large cross-shaped gun of Nicholas D. Wolfwood. This non-Vatican approved weapon boasts two machine guns and one rocket launcher, and even carries sets of backup pistols. One of only 10 in existence, the Punisher's over-the-top firepower solidifies it as the most famous gun from Trigun

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  • The Jericho 941 R is the weapon of choice for Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Featuring custom grips and a rarely used laser sight mounted on its right side, it is a simple yet effective weapon for an old-fashioned cowboy. It also technically exists in real life.

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