Who Is the Coolest Athlete in the World Right Now?

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Whether it's their sense of style, relaxed demeanor, or personality, who do you think are the coolest athletes right now?

Determining the coolest athletes in the world right now can be pretty subjective, but we all have a general idea of cool, and we all have an idea of who we think is cool. So, when it comes to athletes and the sports world in general, everyone can think of a certain player or star who exudes coolness. Whether they have a nice sense of fashion off the court (perhaps making GQ's coolest list) or just have that who-cares attitude when they're competing, some athletes are just naturally cool. 

Who should make this list of cool athletes? NBA star Russell Westbrook has long been a leader in style among fellow players, while baseball players like Charlie Blackmon and his beard (plus the fact he still drives his Jeep from high school) are pretty cool. Then you have one of soccer's coolest players, Lionel Messi, who can be considered quite the cool guy with his lack of flopping and overall mellow attitude on and off the field. Or how about speedster Usain Bolt? Ever seen him fist bump that guy before a big race? Very cool. 

Are these some of the coolest athletes out right now? Check out the list below for more rad people from sports and vote up those who you think are simply the coolest current athletes. You can also feel free to add your own choices to the list. 

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