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The Coolest Basketball Team Logos

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The coolest basketball team logos are those professional basketball team logos who have as much swagger in their graphic design department as they do on the court. Many teams and logos have come and gone throughout the years in the NBA and WNBA but these logos remain some of the coolest, classiest and most creative of all time.

Just as NBA teams compete each season to determine which is the best, teams are regularly releasing new and improved logos as they continue to market their teams to fans. Some new basketball team logos are definitely received better than others.

To coincide with their big move to the borough of Brooklyn, the former New Jersey Nets released a new logo as they became the Brooklyn Nets in 2012. Despite the new logo being partially designed by Jay-Z, a rap mogul and part owner of the team, fans were divided on the new look. Some adored the classic old-school feel while others saw it as an embarrassment, like the team's 22-44 2011-12 record.

In other cases, basketball team logos are as much a part of the team as the players and because of that, rarely change. The Boston Celtics for example have only made minor improvements on their iconic logo since the 1950s. The Chicago Bulls logo has remain untouched since 1966 when the team played its first game. Same thing for the Los Angeles Lakers whose logo has stayed nearly consistent since their inaugural season.

Whether these NBA and WNBA team logos are constantly evolving or have remained the iconic image of the franchise for decades, each of these basketball logos are some of the coolest logos in all of sports. These teams may not be playing in the NBA Finals anytime soon but they'll at least be looking pretty darn stylish in the meantime.