The Coolest Championship Belts

The coolest championship belts don't just recognize the top performers in the sports of boxing and martial arts, as well as professional wrestling, but they also give the athletes and performers shiny and pretty cool accessories. From the many and often changing WWE championship belts to the title belts awarded to boxers and mixed martial artists, these championship belts are the coolest in recent memory.

Championship belts are awarded to some of the best professional wrestlers ever in the WWE, TNA, NWA, etc. Some argue that such wrestling doesn't really count as professional because the performances are more often about the theatrics and entertainment than about an actual athletic competition. Nevertheless, the belts awarded to the countless title holders are still pretty rad.

Championship belts are also awarded just like iconic sports championship trophies to the top athletes in boxing and mixed martial arts. Numerous boxing championship belts exist with different belts awarded by each of the various boxing organizations, like the World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Association, and the International Boxing Federation, to the many champions in each weight class. Similarly, the champions in top mixed martial arts leagues, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also receive some pretty flashy championship belts to signify their titles.

So whether these championship belts are for entertainment purposes or actually signify a real title in a real combat sport, each of these championship belts is pretty darn cool. Which belt do you think is the coolest? MMA title belts? WCW belts? Vote up the ones you love, and vote down the ones you hate.