The Coolest Players in the NFL Right Now, Ranked

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The coolest players in the NFL currently are not necessarily the biggest stars. Many of these players could be considered among the best quarterbacks or the best wide receivers in football right now, but more important to their coolness factor is their off-field image.

Players like Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. have proved themselves on the field, but they have been huge personalities away from the game, with major social media followings, television spots, and other media appearances. Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Rodgers, and other players like them have crossed over in their appeal from just football fans to the culture at large.

But who is the coolest football player right now? Who has a swagger and the confidence that can't be denied? Vote below for the NFL players who define cool. Then head over and vote on the coolest NBA players in the game right now, the guys who could challenge these players in the cool department.

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  • Justin Jefferson
    Minnesota Vikings
    584 votes
    • Position: Wide receiver
    • Birthplace: Destrehan, Louisiana

    Justin Jefferson's explosive athleticism and crisp route-running have quickly elevated him to the status of a premier NFL wide receiver. His electric footwork, combined with excellent ball-tracking ability, renders opponents helpless to stop him. With his seemingly innate ability to shake defenders and make jaw-dropping catches, Jefferson's highlights provide endless entertainment for football enthusiasts.

  • Joe Burrow
    Cincinnati Bengals
    651 votes
    • Position: Quarterback
    • Birthplace: Ames, Iowa

    A poised and confident quarterback, Joe Burrow effortlessly commands his team on the field, making even the most challenging plays look like child's play. With his quick-thinking and razor-sharp accuracy, he's known for threading the needle in tight windows and keeping defensive backs on their toes. A true leader, Burrow's unwavering dedication to the game serves as an inspiration for his teammates and fans alike.

  • Ja'Marr Chase
    Cincinnati Bengals
    486 votes
    • Position: Wide receiver
    • Birthplace: Harvey, Louisiana

    Ja'Marr Chase is a dynamic wide receiver, gifted with an incredible blend of speed, strength, and agility. As a true deep threat, he's known for blazing past defenders, snagging high-flying passes, and making highlight-reel catches look routine. With a keen sense of on-field awareness, Chase can change a game's momentum in the blink of an eye.

  • Jalen Hurts
    Philadelphia Eagles
    314 votes
    • Position: Quarterback
    • Birthplace: Houston, Texas

    Jalen Hurts's dual-threat abilities as a quarterback make him one of the most exciting players to watch in the NFL today. With his lightning-fast legs and pinpoint accuracy, he's just as likely to burn you with his arm as his legs, keeping defenses guessing at every turn. The embodiment of grit and determination, Hurts's relentless effort on the field never fails to inspire.

  • Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce

    Kansas City Chiefs
    572 votes
    • Position: Tight end
    • Birthplace: Westlake, Ohio, USA

    Travis Kelce has redefined the tight end position with his unique blend of size, speed, and agility. Known for his silky-smooth route running and uncanny ability to find open space on the field, he consistently leaves defenders floundering in his wake. A true matchup nightmare, Kelce has firmly planted himself among the pantheon of elite pass-catching tight ends.

  • Christian McCaffrey

    Christian McCaffrey

    Carolina Panthers
    511 votes
    • Position: Running back
    • Birthplace: Castle Rock, Colorado

    An all-around weapon, Christian McCaffrey's versatility as a running back and receiver makes him an ever-present threat on the field. Boasting exceptional vision, quickness, and a knack for finding daylight, he consistently breaks off huge chunks of yardage and leaves defenders grasping at air. McCaffrey's explosive playmaking abilities can change the complexion of a game in an instant.