Cool Last Names You Wish Were Your Own

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Vote up the last names you think are the coolest.

What's in a name? While most of us don't choose our last name, if we could, would we change it? And if so, would we change it to something simple like "Smith" or "Miller"? Or would we opt for something a little more personalized like "Bonecrusher" or "Spider-Man"?

Take a look at the common last names below and vote up the ones that have a nice ring to them, whether it's because they're associated with someone you like, they sound nice, or you wish it was your last name. Vote down the ones that are boring, sound awful, or would bum you out to have on your driver's license. 

  • Nelson


    14 votes

    Another one that works as both a first and last name - we're guessing a "Full Nelson" is someone with both?

    Famous/Fictional Nelsons: Willie Nelson, Craig T. Nelson, Judd Nelson, Tim Blake Nelson

  • King


    17 votes

    Do we really need to explain why it's cool to have "King" in your name?

    Famous/Fictional Kings: Martin Luther King Jr., Regina King, B.B. King, Larry King

  • Lee


    17 votes

    It seems to end up in the middle of a lot of people's names, but that doesn't make it any worse of a last name!

    Famous/Fictional Lees: Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, Christopher Lee, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Lee Jones

  • Walker


    9 votes

    You don't need to be a Texas Ranger to make this last name work for you.

    Famous/Fictional Walkers: Cordell Walker, Paul Walker, Scott Walker, Kemba Walker

  • Black


    9 votes

    Dark, mysterious, dare we say... metal?

    Famous/Fictional Blacks: Jack Black, Lewis Black, Karen Black, Clint Black

  • Perez


    13 votes

    A name so good, we're almost mad at Pitbull for dropping it.

    Famous/Fictional Perezes: Rosie Perez, Thomas Perez, Taylor Perez, Armando Perez (Pitbull)