The Coolest Baseball Team Logos Of All Time

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Every MLB team logo represents the spirit of the franchise it stands for. While many of these baseball team logos have gone through strange histories as teams have moved or rebranded to keep up with the times, they are all instantly recognizable as the logos of their franchise.

The New York Yankees have one of the most famous logos in sports with fans of the franchise living all over the world, and the logo has remained mostly unchanged for the history of the team. Meanwhile, the Miami Marlins (formerly the Florida Marlins) have been around since just 1993 and have gone through numerous rebrands and logo and uniform changes.

Some of these teams have favored a simple, single letter like the Philadelphia Phillies, some a fancy script like the Detroit Tigers, and others have used a fun design that could only be associated with one team (the Baltimore Orioles). But which logo is the coolest? Which is the one you would want on your baseball hat if you were going out? Vote below then check out and help decide the coolest logos in the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL.