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The Coolest Movie Posters For 2020 Films

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List RulesVote up the movie posters for 2020 films that do the best job of grabbing your attention.

Even before the trailers come out, movies posters for upcoming films can really capture the attention and fuel the excitment of movie-goers everywhere. Unlike trailers though, movie posters must evoke emotion and anticipation from their intended audiences and in most cases they do a great job. You have the  chance to help decide which of these movie posters is the best of 2020. Vote up the ones that you find visually stunning and vote down any that you think may have missed the mark. You would think that action movie posters might be the coolest but there are drama, comedy, and horror movie posters on this list as well.

Whether they focus on the main characters, give you a hint of what is lurking beneath the surface or simply just look awesome, these 2020 movie posters don't dissapoint. No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1984, and Bad Boys for Life show their principle characters with an artful aesthetic that is sure to excite fans of the franchises. But which of these coming soon movie posters outshine the rest? Be sure to vote up your favorites and check back to see which new, upcoming movie posters make the list.

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