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The Coolest NBA "City Edition" Jerseys

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The NBA has always been a league at the forefront of the fashion world, and the coolest City Edition alternate jerseys are part of that trend. The best City Edition NBA jerseys reflect something about the local area and have a flare that can only be associated with that city.

The Miami Heat have their hot pink, blue, and black jerseys that are instantly recognizable as that Miami style, reminding of Miami Vice. The Golden State Warriors, meanwhile, incorporated the iconic Bay Bridge into their City Edition jersey design and replaced the team name with simply "The Bay." Likewise, the Detroit Pistons referenced the city's history with their "Motor City" design, while the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets went a similar direction with their respective "Rip City" and "Buzz City" alternate jerseys.

But which of these is the coolest City Edition jersey? Which one would you want to wear out on the court? Vote below, then head over and check out some of the best signature shoe colorways to complete that iconic NBA look.