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The Coolest NBA "Earned Edition" Jerseys

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The NBA Earned Edition jerseys are all special because they are not available to every team. Nike and the NBA collaborated to create special edition Christmas jerseys in the 2018-19 season for the 16 teams that made the playoffs the previous season.

While some fan bases surely were left disappointed, it's all the more reason to root for your team to make the playoffs next time. All the Earned Edition alternate jerseys are color variations on the popular City Edition and Statement Edition alternates.

The Miami Heat Earned Edition jersey leans hard into the Miami Vice motif with a full hot pink background, while the Golden State Warriors put the classic yellow gold front and center with the oak tree logo and "The Town" signature.

But which is the coolest Earned Edition NBA jersey? Which one would you want to wear on the court or to the arena? Vote below, then head over and check out the best City Edition alternate jerseys and the coolest Statement Edition alternates.

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