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The Coolest NBA "Statement Edition" Jerseys

Updated June 7, 2019 1.5k votes 98 voters30 items

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As the name implies, all of the NBA's Statement Edition alternate jerseys make a statement about the franchise wearing them. Many Statement jerseys in the NBA feature bright colors and big, bold logos, leaving no question about what team the wearer is representing.

Whether it's the giant "OKC" on the Oklahoma City Thunder Statement jersey or the Golden State Warriors' jersey featuring their longtime home's eponymous oak tree, there is no mistaking what team you're looking at in these tops. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Timberwolves went with a bright green that barely features in their usual color scheme but doesn't seem out of place on a Statement Edition top, while the usually all-black Brooklyn Nets added a wild rainbow pattern down the insides of the arms to set theirs apart.

But which of these is the coolest Statement Edition jersey? Which one would you want to wear out on the court or to the arena? Vote below, then head over and check out all the best NBA City Edition jerseys for yet another modern basketball look.

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