The 19 Coolest Starships In The 'Star Trek' Universe

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Throughout the many complicated iterations of the Star Trek universe, there are entire cultures dedicated to exploration, subjugation, and assimilation. Whether they're looking to map uncharted territories or obliterate neighboring races, the right starship makes all the difference.

Here's a look at some of the greatest Starfleet cruisers, Klingon fighter ships, and bizarre sentient space vessels that the Star Trek universe has to offer.

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    Where It's From: Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Who It Belongs To: Starfleet

    Why It's Awesome: Everything from its size to its mission makes the USS Enterprise-D unique. Meant for long journeys, the starship is quite a bit larger than similar Starfleet vessels because crew members can bring their families to live onboard during their travels. Capable of carrying up to 6,000 people, the vessel is frequently described as a marvel of engineering and design.

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    Where It's From: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Who It Belongs To: Starfleet

    Why It's Awesome: Originally designed to take on the Borg, the Defiant is the first Federation ship to employ a cloaking device - courtesy of a temporary alliance with the Romulans. The vessel plays a key role in the final defeat of the Dominion. Also of note, Worf lived on the Defiant for a time, and he seems like a pretty great roommate to swap space stories with.

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    Where It's From: Star Trek: Voyager

    Who It Belongs To: Starfleet

    Why It's Awesome: After being blasted to the far side of the galaxy, this Intrepid-class starship proves its worth by exploring the previously uncharted Delta Quadrant. Voyager is one of the most advanced ships for its time, complete with bio-neural circuitry and a highly advanced Emergency Medical Holographic program. In fact, the ship is so advanced that it boasts an ablative generator and transphasic torpedoes - technology acquired from a future alternate timeline.

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  • Where It's From: Star Trek: The Original Series

    Who It Belongs To: Starfleet

    Why It's Awesome: This Constitution-class heavy cruiser was built in San Francisco, assembled in space, and has one of the most storied histories of any vessel in Starfleet. It has visited more than 70 different worlds over its multiple five-year missions, and is the flagship of the Federation fleet.

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    Where It's From: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Who It Belongs To: Starfleet, Bajorans

    Why It's Awesome: The mobile space station Deep Space Nine is essentially a city in space, making it a den of intrigue where there's never a dull moment. It's decked out with a robust arsenal, and also has a bar that could rival any space cantina in science fiction.

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  • Where It's From: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    Who It Belongs To: Klingons 
    Why It's Awesome: The versatile Bird-of-Prey can serve as a scout ship, a fighter ship, a raiding ship, or a stealth transport. It is as dangerous and savvy as the warrior race that created it. With a sleek avian design, cloaking capabilities, impressive firepower, and superior agility, it's one of the most feared ships in the galaxy.

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