police Police Pulled This Driver Over For Drunk Driving And Things Took An Unexpected Turn  

Mick Jacobs

Getting pulled over by a cop usually spells disaster in some way. Thankfully for the driver in this video, he managed to leave the situation without a ticket, handcuffs, or being victimized by police brutality.

Officers pulled over student Blake Puckett one night, concerned Puckett might be driving under the influence. When they asked Puckett to exit his vehicle, officers then took note of something in his pants, something that looked awfully like a liquor bottle.

Lo and behold, Puckett produces a juggling prop and reveals himself to be a magician. To prove it, Puckett offers the officers a small show on the side of the road.

Watch the video to see Puckett's police performance. He'll probably never give another one quite like it, or under the same circumstances.