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All the Ways Corey Feldman Is Trying to Become Michael Jackson

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If you trace Corey Feldman’s career from its infancy until whatever distant point at which he finally burns out, there will be one constant: Michael Jackson. It’s not strange that Feldman has an affinity for the arguably greatest pop icon ever; a lot of people love Michael Jackson. But to Corey Feldman, becoming Michael Jackson has always seemed like a large part of becoming a celebrity. Feldman has always played around with dressing up like his icon, but it’s not the fashion that truly creates the Corey Feldman Michael Jackson connection, it’s the staccato mannerisms and misunderstood artist behavior that create the full concoction of Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson similarities.

It’s well-documented that Feldman and Jackson were close pals during the early '80s, but once Feldman started getting into trouble with drugs and remakes of '70s late night classics, Jackson dropped him like a pile of metaphors. Throughout the late '90s and early 2000s it looked like Feldman’s King of Pop phase was something of a distant memory, but after the passing of his once hero/mentor/friend Feldman fell back into styling himself after Jackson in a bigger way that anyone could have anticipated. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the ways Corey Feldman is trying to become Michael Jackson.

  • His Tragic Today Show Performance

    Video: YouTube

    Okay, so maybe Corey Feldman's vvvery strange performance on The Today Show wasn't meant for people on the planet earth. That's fine! Follow your wonder, Corey! If you can sit through the entire performance you'll note that the through line is that Feldman still has a huge amount of respect and love for his childhood friend Michael Jackson. His dance moves certainly have the pop and lock flair of Jackson circa 1980-something, and it always feels like Feldman is just about to moonwalk. Maybe if he had people wouldn't have been so upset.

  • The Ascension Millennium Video

    Video: YouTube

    Even if you want to brush off the Feldog's staccato, Jackson-esqe vocal delivery and the leather jacket/sparkly gloves combo that make their appearance at the 1:14 mark as coincidences, the following two dance sequences (what scholars have come to call "The Walk Dance Sequence" and "Fedora Dance Sequence") are full of homage after homage to late singer. It's too bad that after WDS and FDS the video falls apart. Maybe he had the feeling, but his soul was not believing.

  • The Dance Sequence from Dream a Little Dream

    Video: YouTube

    Do you think Corey Feldman worked this whole Michael Jackson get up into his contract? It certainly seems like something an allegedly coked out teenager would do, but who can be sure? Aside from the "cop who also works part time as a Flashdance enthusiast" outfit, Feldman's dance moves are cribbed directly from a week-long "Dance Like the King of Pop!" intensive that a very sad mother taught in Encino.

  • Corey's Dance Outfit in DUH

    Video: YouTube

    The dance sequences in "DUH" (it stands for "Done Under Halo" - natch) might be the most Jacksonian Corey Feldman has looked since he was giving himself the longest spit curl in the world while filming Dream a Little Dream. While there's definitely A LOT to unpack in this video, it always comes back to his dance outfit. It looks like the Dangerous album cover exploded onto one of Feldman's many spandex outfits and he just went with it.