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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Reveals Stories That Explain How You Can Believe In Ghosts But Not God

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In his book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process, Corey Taylor reconciles his paranormal encounters with his atheistic beliefs. The book is a memoir as much as it is philosophical literature and it is full of Corey Taylor's best quotes. What sets A Funny Thing apart from the rest of Taylor's written works as well as other celebrity biographies are the ghost stories that he focuses on throughout the narrative. 

The stories Taylor tells in A Funny Thing come from throughout the Slipknot singer's life, dating back to his time growing up with his grandmother all the way to recording an album in a haunted mansion with his popular metal band. He's even told a few related ghost stories in interviews after the book was published. Although the book itself is a look into the difference between believing in the paranormal and accepting religion, the creepy tales Taylor uses to convey his message are worth reading in and of themselves. And if you enjoy Taylor's accounts of visits from across the veil, you are bound to gain something from reading the book as a whole, which you can find here

  • He Saw Something That Shouldn’t Have Been There In The Shower At The Mansion

    When Slipknot was recording Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) in 2003, they went to the Mansion, a home owned by producer Rick Rubin that's rumored to be haunted. Multiple artists have allegedly seen orbs in the mansion, but Taylor claims he saw something much more corporeal while taking a shower

    I was alone in our (Taylor and Shawn Crahan's) rooms. The door to our room was shut and locked, the doors to the balcony were shut and locked, but the door to the bathroom was wide open. I was taking a shower, getting ready to hit the town with a vengeance. I was in a great mood, singing along with the Bee Gees and washing all my filthy bits that needed immediate attention. The shower curtain was open a smidge and I could see the room from my vantage point. I looked up. A man in a tuxedo walked past the open door, staring right at me.

  • An Old Neighbor Can Still Be Seen Hanging From A Farmhouse In Arkansas

    As a boy, Taylor, his mother, and his grandmother were driving to his great-grandmother’s house in Arkansas. On the way, they passed a house that Taylor says gave him the "heebie-jeebies." When he asked what was up with the home, one of the women told him

    [The house] was fine until the neighbor was found hanging in his barn. No one knows if it was [self inflicted] or [caused by someone else], but they say you can still see him in the barn some nights...

  • According To Taylor, The Eagles Ballroom Is The Most Haunted Venue In America

    According to Taylor, the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the most haunted venues in America. Taylor says the venue was a gentleman's club for German spies in the 1930s and later served as a "makeshift children’s hospital during an influenza outbreak."

    Due to its history, anyone playing at the venue is likely to encounter unsavory spirits. On a spoken word tour, Taylor did just that:  

    I had played [the Eagles Ballroom] on my solo/book tour; my dressing room had been down in the bowels of the club. On my way to the stage I had passed a giant mirror that was mounted on one of the walls, and in that mirror, across the empty pool, I saw three children in nightgowns staring at me. When I whipped my head around to see where [they were] standing, they had vanished. 

  • Biff The Funeral Director Told A Supernatural Peeper To Buzz Off

    Biff The Funeral Director Told A Supernatural Peeper To Buzz Off
    Photo: Irene Sassu / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

    Taylor’s friend Biff works in the funeral industry as a jack of all trades. She told Taylor and a group of their friends that one day while loading someone into a hearse, she was greeted by a peeping Tom of sorts. Taylor says

    [Biff] had just seen to a customer’s transport when a person stepped up to the hearse to peer through the window. She politely chastised the person, explaining that the family would not appreciate it and that this was a time for respect, not voyeurism. The person ignored her. Biff turned away for half a second, fully intending to return her attention to the disrespectful gatecrasher. But when she had returned her attention to the miscreant, he had vanished.