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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Reveals Stories That Explain How You Can Believe In Ghosts But Not God

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In his book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process, Corey Taylor reconciles his paranormal encounters with his atheistic beliefs. The book is a memoir as much as it is philosophical literature and it is full of Corey Taylor's best quotes. What sets A Funny Thing apart from the rest of Taylor's written works as well as other celebrity biographies are the ghost stories that he focuses on throughout the narrative. 

The stories Taylor tells in A Funny Thing come from throughout the Slipknot singer's life, dating back to his time growing up with his grandmother all the way to recording an album in a haunted mansion with his popular metal band. He's even told a few related ghost stories in interviews after the book was published. Although the book itself is a look into the difference between believing in the paranormal and accepting religion, the creepy tales Taylor uses to convey his message are worth reading in and of themselves. And if you enjoy Taylor's accounts of visits from across the veil, you are bound to gain something from reading the book as a whole, which you can find here

  • Taylor Believes In The Witching Hour

    Taylor told the LA Times he took a group of friends ghost hunting while he was working on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven. During the first few hours, the group didn't have any spooky experiences, but at "the witching hour" things started to get weird. He recalls: 

    People talk about the witching hour, when things really start to kind of go haywire, and man, I’m telling you right now, we were there for a few hours and we were really kind of walking though, and checking it out... and it seemed like all hell kind of broke loose around 11 or midnight.

    Listening back to the evidence and looking at some of the footage and whatnot, it was really weird because there were a handful of hours where just nothing was going on and then just all of a sudden all these things really just started happening. The one thing that really scared the crap out of me was when the file cabinet slammed really hard. Remember we were the only people in this building... There was only one way in that didn’t lock from the outside and we were all together in one room and then all of a sudden from a room not only a floor down but clear on the other side of the school, a file cabinet just slammed shut.

  • Taylor Has Proof Of An Entity In The Farrar Schoolhouse

    One of Taylor's most chilling stories involves a ghost hunting excursion at a schoolhouse in Farrar, Iowa. Taylor and his friends noticed a creepy feeling in an upstairs bathroom and they all heard someone walking around and whistling. Taylor even claims to have proof of a paranormal presence in the building. 

    The team planted audio recorders and high-end video cameras around the schoolhouse, and after hours of sitting in the dark, weird stuff started to happen. According to Taylor, as the group sat together, he noticed a shadow blocking the red recording light on one of their cameras. However, that was just the beginning. He writes

    After a while we all decided we needed to smoke again, so we left the room. Kennedy stayed behind, quietly sitting and listening for anything that we might miss... For ten minutes there is nothing but Kennedy’s breathing. Finally, he says out loud, "Well, I think I am going to go outside with everyone else. We might be gone for a little bit, so if there is anything you want to say or do before I go, here is your chance."

    Taylor claims that after Kennedy left the room, there's silence on the audio recording. Then, out of nowhere, "Something knocks on a metal folding chair three times.” 

  • A Childhood Friend Was Visited By His Birth Parents

    Early on in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, Taylor talks about a time when he and his young friends were all sitting around sharing ghost stories. One of his pals had lost both his parents in a fire. Taylor's friend confided that he often saw the ghosts of his parents

    They never say a word... They just come into my room or wander the house. Sometimes I wake up and no one is there. Then the next minute there they are. They just watch me. It makes me feel better.

  • His Friend Mac Was Chased By A Deceased Priest

    Taylor writes that his friend Mac went to church one night with his brother and encountered a priest who was adamant about keeping them out of the house of worship. According to the singer, his friend is a bit of a skeptic, but the run-in with the ghostly presence was enough to freak him out forever. He writes

    [Mac] and his brother were chased away by a very adamant priest, shushing them and waving them off. They came to find out later from the night watchman that they were the only ones there - no priest was there that late, nor did one live on the premises.