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Law Enforcement And Medical Professionals Describe The Strangest Causes Of Death They've Ever Seen

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Medical examiners, coroners, crime scene investigators, and crime scene cleaners all see some strange causes of death. Over time, it's not uncommon for many of them to become desensitized to the gruesome and odd ways there are to die. It's a coping mechanism for tackling such a crazy job. Another therapeutic way to deal with such strange and stressful jobs is by talking it out. Which is likely why so many of these death-centric professionals felt comfortable sharing on Reddit their wildest stories of strange causes of death.

The deaths that freaked out coroners (and other professionals) the most often have to do with things found in nature and the craziest (and most unlikely of ) situations that humans get themselves into. Read through this list where coroners reveal the weirdest causes of death they've ever seen. But warning, you may find yourself grow more and more paranoid that there are literally, at least, a million ways to die. 

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    Freak Flying Bolt Hit Just The Wrong Square Inch Of Throat

    From Redditor /c/Briseadh:

    "Not a coroner but in the emergency services. Went to a death once where the guy had suddenly dropped at the side of the road and his co-workers didn't know what had happened.

    He worked for a company cutting grass verges in our town and had a ride on mower which was transported on the back of a trailer. The back of the trailer dropped down to form a ramp but was held under tension by a spring.

    It turned out the bolt holding the spring was rusted and on this occasion the tension of the ramp coming down had sheared off the bolt head and fired it at him with huge force from the sudden release... it hit him square on in the carotid artery. Didn't pierce the skin at all but ruptured it under the skin causing him to die within seconds. Weirdest death I have ever been to. Poor guy was only in his 40s/50s and had kids and a wife who waved him off to work that day. I was glad I didn't have to go and give them the death message, wouldn't have known where to begin.

    If it had hit him anywhere else he would have had a big bruise and nothing more- there was a square inch or so of an area where it had the ability to be fatal and it got him. Final destination type weirdness."

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    Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot

    From Redditor /c/Sega32X:

    "Not a coroner but I do transport and preparation for a funeral home and two things comes to mind. 

    The strangest confirmed cause of death I saw was a drunk guy who fell asleep on his toilet for 13ish hours. He cut off the circulation to his ass and the muscle issue died and he went septic and died. He died from his ass falling asleep."

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    Death By Donkey

    From Redditor /c/littlelou:

    "Not a coroner, but I did recently come into my grandma's extensive genealogy of our C19 blood relatives in Texas. There were many weird stories, but this one seemed to stand out.

    'I found another grave in Pidcoke Cemetery, Coryell County that is interesting. There is only a metal marker: 'Lewis, girl / Killed by Jack.' Hers was the first grave in this Cemetery. I remembered as a child Mama told me about this incident. Erna Mae Griffin told me the same story. They remember this child as being a niece of Laura Lewis and that she was always spoken of as 'Baby.'

    This was a very young child. She had wandered into the yard alone when the donkey attacked her. He would pick her up and toss her into the air taking 'hunks' of her body out with his teeth. When her mother was able to get to her, her body was scattered all over the yard. This depressed her mother so that the rest of her life was spent sitting by the window, grieving, and pulling her hair out.'

    Tl;dr: donkey rips toddler apart."

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    Fever-Induced Mania Lead To Fatal Head Injury

    From /c/BubblegunDaisies:

    "Not a coroner but a case study I analyzed in college (Criminal Justice Major)

    A man is feeling a bit under the weather and stays home from work. His wife comes home later to the following scene.

    House is trashed, furniture knocked over, all the knicknacks on their fireplace broken on the floor, window broken, blood splatter every where and her husband dead in a puddle of blood in the hallway with a wound to his head. Police start investigating it as a robbery-turned-murder.

    Turns out he had the flu and his fever spiked so high he hallucinated and hit his head severely on the corner of the fireplace. He was delusional and stumbled around the house, fell through the window and kept tripping/knocking over things and bled out where he fell.

    After that the flu seemed a lot scarier."

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