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Law Enforcement And Medical Professionals Describe The Strangest Causes Of Death They've Ever Seen

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Medical examiners, coroners, crime scene investigators, and crime scene cleaners all see some strange causes of death. Over time, it's not uncommon for many of them to become desensitized to the gruesome and odd ways there are to die. It's a coping mechanism for tackling such a crazy job. Another therapeutic way to deal with such strange and stressful jobs is by talking it out. Which is likely why so many of these death-centric professionals felt comfortable sharing on Reddit their wildest stories of strange causes of death.

The deaths that freaked out coroners (and other professionals) the most often have to do with things found in nature and the craziest (and most unlikely of ) situations that humans get themselves into. Read through this list where coroners reveal the weirdest causes of death they've ever seen. But warning, you may find yourself grow more and more paranoid that there are literally, at least, a million ways to die. 

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    Choked On A Whole Kitten

    From Redditor /c/GangsterLunchbox:

    "My first job was being a mortician's assistant. This was because my house was 2 blocks from the graveyard of my town and I was always playing in it. The weirdest cause of death saw in the practice was by far this old lady. When we had gotten the call to pick her body up. The house smelled like cat urine, nothing over the top. The oddity was when we had found her body, the cats were going to town tearing the body apart. Later that day we had found out she had attempted to eat one of her cat's kittens whole and choked to death."

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    Suffocation By Body Parts

    From Redditor /c/Firety12:

    "I am a security officer at a local hospital with a major psych ward. I had to put a body of a psych patient in the morgue because he ripped off his dick and balls, gouged out his eyeballs and swallowed them, thus suffocating himself. He did this all within five feet of the RN station and not making a sound."

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    Eaten (And Colonized) Alive By Bugs

    From Redditor /c/space_manatee:

    "This isn't mine, but I took a criminal justice course back in college and the professor was a sheriff or something in Kansas back in his earlier days... in any case, this still sticks with me today over 15 years later... He responded to a call someone had made about a really bad smell. As it goes with these things, he got there and it was the worst smell he ever smelled. It had been a particularly humid summer and this was obviously something that had died. He goes in, inevitably sees the body in the bedroom, extremely obese woman, empty bottles of Jack Daniels and food wrappers all around her, and bugs just covering the body. All on top of the worst smell ever.

    Seemed pretty clear what the cause of death was, probably a combination of drink and poor health with a lack of ability to move. As he gets closer, he realizes that she is moving, not just moving but breathing. They eventually get her out and into the ER (I want to say some specialized equipment was needed because of her obesity) and there are bugs living in her mouth and throat. She died from complications from the whole ordeal, but the idea of being eaten alive by bugs and them essentially colonizing your body while you are still alive sounded pretty terrible."

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    Suicide By Jigsaw To The Head

    From Redditor /c/muklan:

    "My ex worked at a funeral home, they had a...customer, I guess, who committed suicide with a reciprocal saw. Like a jigsaw. Through her forehead. It was very clear that it wasn't easy, as she tried more than once before it was done. My ex said they had to turn the saw on to remove it."

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