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The Biggest Corporate Social Media Fails And Disasters Of 2019

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It's easy to forget that even if the public social media face of a corporation seems like it has everything together, the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages are run by ordinary people who sometimes make mistakes - or have to type out the mistake their bosses decided to make. Social media blunders are inevitable, and the spectacle of 2019 corporate fails draw us like moths to a flame.

With corporations thirsty to stay relevant, they often overreach their cultural bounds with public gaffes that make us cringe and rage in equal measure. Beyond just unsuccessful campaigns, the worst screw-ups shake corporate foundations. Each year brings new terrible corporate social media mistakes, and 2019 is no different.

It's embarrassing enough to make a dumb tweet, but an individual person can delete it and move on. A poorly timed joke or factually inaccurate statement from a big business gets screenshot and can tank the reputation of a company made up of hundreds or even thousands of people. What's worse, they could end up on a list of cringeworthy corporate social media fails of 2019.

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