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9 Gnarly Facts About The Corpse Flower, A Plant That Smells Like A Dead Body

The name "corpse flower" doesn't exactly inspire beautiful mental images, but what is the corpse flower, anyway? To put it bluntly, it's a plant that smells like a dead body. This stinky flower was first discovered in 1878 and is native to the tropical environs of Sumatra. Known as the amorphophallus titanum in the world science, the corpse flower is one of the strangest plants in the natural world.

In order to attract pollinating insects, it spends a decade preparing to unleash a hideous stench for two days before going back into hibernation. Yes, you read that right - a decade. While this might not be the most practical way to reproduce, it's certainly a theatrical one. Keep reading to learn more about how this botanical beast operates.