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Being a police officer isn't easy, but unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there is a lot in the news about the systemic corruption of police departments and law enforcement abuse in general. There are shootings that go without any punishment, and, in the case of Ferguson, MO, proven systemic racism that goes unchecked. This list looks into many of the reported and alleged abuses that police officers have committed in 2015.

Whether it's the aforementioned racism that's sadly still deeply ingrained in American culture, the abuses of civil forfeiture that have eroded public trust in police, or the excessive force debate that's been raging for many years, there are plenty of questions about corrupt police officers that have arisen in 2015. There are also have stories of cops being mistreated by other cops - even America's own cops aren't safe from policing abuses. 

These police crimes and scandals come from all across America, finding the bad, the stupid, and the just plain weird actions that police have taken without any real logic. So take a look at this list and vote up the police violence stories from 2015, that you think are the worst.
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Alabama Cops Taser Woman Having a Seizure, Plus Mother Who Tried to Help

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A young woman in Alabama had a seizure while attending a concert. She was predisposed to seizures, and had, in fact, had one earlier that day, while at school. At the concert, a "stampede" caused by one of the musicians jumping into the crowd triggered her seizure. A venue worker took her to the lobby and allegedly dropped here on the ground, where she was placed in a chokehold by police. They allegedly tased her three times as well.

When her mother arrived to assist, she was also tased and arrested for disorderly conduct. A lawsuit is pending.
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NYPD Sergeant Throws Semen on His Crush

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A 54-year-old NYPD sergeant in the Organized Crime Control Bureau had a crush on a civilian woman who worked as an administrative aide. As she walked out of the women's restroom, Sergeant Michael Iscenko allegedly splashed a substance on her leg that turned out to be semen. Not surprisingly, Iscenko was suspended. An investigation is ongoing.
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Mississippi Officer Put an Unarmed Man in a Chokehold for 20 Minutes

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Attorneys for the family of Jonathan Sanders, a 39-year-old black man, have stated that state medical examiners found he died through manual asphyxiation - i.e., strangulation. Multiple witnesses said independently of one another that Officer Kevin Harrington, after muttering a racial slur, put Sanders in a chokehold for over twenty minutes, denying witnesses requests to perform CPR on him.
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Tennessee Officer Pockets $6K from Forfeiture Victims

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An investigation revealed that Sergeant Michael Hurt, a 15-year veteran of the police force, had kept more than $6,000 in cash he received from property owners whose vehicles were seized. Civil forfeiture has been back in the civil discourse, largely thanks to John Oliver's Last Week Tonight showing video after video of police officers taking citizens' cash, even if they had not committed a crime.