Corrupt Republicans

The Republican party is no stranger to corruption, as this list of corrupt Republicans (with photos where possible) proves. These are Republican politicians with criminal records; they have been found guilty in a court of law. Since the United States is based on the rule of law, it's crucially important that it's political leaders uphold the laws of the land. But some of our trusted leads went from beloved figures to crooked politicians in no time. Some even became actual Republican criminals!  Fortunately for these politicians, most of them seem to have dodged the political graveyard, and many disgraced politicians have managed to rebound.

Criminal politics is nothing new, and fortunately some of these politicians may have committed crimes that had nothing to do with their political careers. That said, our lawmakers should support the law more-so than any of us. Some of these politicians have been in prison. Who are the most corrupt Republicans? This list takes a look at those members of the GOP who disgraced the party.