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All The Celebrities Supporting Cory Booker

Updated 6 Jan 202034 items

Cory Booker's positive message of strength in unity connected with Americans across the country, including celebrities. Celebrity Cory Booker supporters include award-winning directors, world famous actors, and even a rock star from his home state of New Jersey. Some Booker 2020 celebrity supporters have been advocating for him since he was the mayor of Newark.

Who are some of the Cory Booker celebrity endorsements? Of course, his girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, is among his most loyal supporters. In 2019, Dawson made several financial contributions to Booker's campaign, and she attended the fourth democratic debate to support him. Ben Affleck and Jamie Lee Curtis are also rooting for Cory Booker for President. Steven Spielberg gave $2,800 to Cory Booker's campaign, and Jon Bon Jovi sent out a fundraising email in support of Cory Booker's campaign to become the democratic presidential nominee.

Are you surprised by any of the celebrity supporters of the Cory Booker campaign? Take a look at this list to learn more about how and why so many famous people support Cory Booker 2020.

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