Total Nerd Cosplayer Nightmares That Give Conventions An Awful Reputation  

Mick Jacobs
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While cosplay fails certainly induce much cringing, they hardly comprise the absolute worst things that happened at cosplay conventions. For every terrible My Little Pony cosplayer you come across, there are at least 10 different accounts of cosplayers describing creepy encounters at conventions. Harassment at cosplay conventions continues to be a problem at these events, particularly for women, even though these events try their best to prevent such behavior. More innocent though no-less obnoxious cosplay horror stories involve terrible anime fans who lack personal boundaries or the sense to know that no one wants to be called someone else's 'waifu.' And sometimes the worst cosplay experiences happen with people outside the convention, who have nothing better to do than to get themselves worked up over people wearing costumes.

Cosplay nightmares appear all across Reddit, detailing both cringeworthy to downright horrifying cosplayer experiences that give the whole community a bad name. 

This Cosplayer Described An Assault

From Onycophagist:

"I was cosplaying Black Cat from Spider-Man. It was a very tight and form-fitting costume and I opted not to wear underwear because you could very clearly see the lines in the costume if I did. I had a guy come up behind me and unzip my suit, which wouldn't have been so bad if the zipper didn't go all the way down to the bottom of my a**. For about 10 seconds my pale back and ass was very much exposed."

Why Would You Dress As That Bear Anyway?

From owenbicker:

"I witnessed a pedobear cosplay throw a little girl over his shoulder and run off. Little girl was fine but later told me and the group we'd been dancing with she didn't know the guy. So that's pretty... yeah."

Cosplayers Aren't Props

From PowerWordCoffee:

"So I went to my first con a few years ago. I wasn't brave enough to dress up so I wanted to take pics etc. I saw a really amazing Doctor Who cosplay, so I asked him for a hug and pic. He was really enthusiastic about it and we had a pic ready to go until I heard a gruff 'Hurry up other people want a hug too.' This large, middle-aged lady in a tight-a** tank top was giving us this glare. Legit the cosplayer went from happy to miserable as soon as we took a pic. Like, holy cow the cosplayers aren't props, they're people. Don't demand physical contact you have to ask. He definitely didn't give up a hug for her."

Stay Back, Romeo

From haelsesor:

"Cringy and hilarious:

So at my first con I was dressed as Silk Spectre II, comic book version. I was still using my cane because I was only a year out from my accident, and this guy decides that obviously I'm his one true love or something and I'm not able to hustle away fast enough to escape easily. I lose him a few times but he keeps popping up hitting on me and making comments about how I should have been Silk Spectre I. This is at least two or three hours of this 'Romeo' following me around.

Well, somehow I manage to lose him and I end up asking this beefy old dude if he minds that I take the unoccupied chair at his table since my hips and legs are acting up. Half-an-hour later we're chatting and having a good old time when my Romeo shows up.

Romeo looks at me. Romeo looks at beefy old guy. Beefy old guy looks at me and I guess I must look scared or creeped out or something because beefy old guy just stands up and leans real close to Romeo's face and says 'Can I help you with something?'

Romeo f*cks off.

I eventually get up and walk away when the table gets busy. Glance at the banner above the table as I walk away."

Beefy Old Guy was Lou Ferrigno."