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Cosplayers Who Stepped Right Out of the Comics

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Fans across the globe migrate to San Diego each year for Comic-Con. But only the bravest of fans spend countless hours constructing a costume in the likeness of their favorite comic book characters to premiere at the convention. These are the best comic book cosplayers from Comic-Con 2014. They're really so great that they looked like they stepped right out of the comic book.

Cosplaying isn't easy. Sometimes you have to be in layers of makeup for hours on end, hoping the heat doesn't melt it off, and still have enough energy to spark a smile when fellow fans want to take your picture. These cosplayers pulled it off, and then some. 

Take a look at the cosplayers pictured below, and vote up the ones you think best suit the characters they're dressed as. 

Best Cosplay! You know want to look!