How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Favorite Star Wars Actor's Autograph?

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If you're an obsessive Star Wars fan, you've probably at least thought about getting yourself some Star Wars autographs. Even those unfamiliar with signature collecting are likely wondering just how much is a Star Wars autograph worth? 

The cost of Star Wars actors' autographs varies significantly from actor to actor. If you want, say, a photo signed by Harrison Ford, be prepared to shell out over $1,000. Want Mark Hamill's autograph? It's going to cost about $250 - nearly twice as much as it cost two years ago. There are bargains to be had, though. You can get Deep Roy's (Yoda) autograph for only $30 - pretty impressive for an iconic character.

Given the cost of some of these autographs, those who want to save up money might want to skip the popcorn at any viewings of The Last Jedi. Here's everything you need to know about acquiring your favorite Star Wars character's John Hancock.

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  • Mark Hamill - $250

    Mark Hamill - $250

    166 votes

    Oddly, the superstar is one of the few to charge less for a photo than an autograph in person - you can get a photo for $200.

  • Peter Mayhew - $60

    Peter Mayhew - $60

    106 votes

    For an extra $5 you get a lock of Chewbacca's hair. (Not really.) Not a bad price for an in-person autograph.

  • Billy Dee Williams - $60

    Billy Dee Williams - $60

    101 votes

    Lando Calrissian's in-person signature isn't too steep. 

  • Ian McDiarmid - $90

    Ian McDiarmid - $90

    100 votes

    Getting an in-person autograph from the man who played Emperor Palpatine means giving him full control of your wallet.

  • Deep Roy - $30

    Deep Roy - $30

    87 votes

    A good price for an in-person autograph this is. In long line you may have to wait.

  • Carrie Fisher - $883.99

    Carrie Fisher - $883.99

    125 votes

    You can't get a new autograph by the late Carrie Fisher, but you can buy previously autographed posters for a pretty penny.