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25 Things to Know Before Your Next Costco Run

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Attention all smart shoppers and coupon clippers! Are you a Costco member? Thinking about becoming one? Costco has been setting itself apart from other major retailers for decades… but how? Read through this list of Costco secrets to learn the intricacies of the Costco membership, the history of Costco, and some other generally interesting Costco facts you probably didn’t know about. There's even Costco membership information for those looking to join.

If you’re already a member of the Costco cult, you know there’s something different about this particular warehouse store. Costco is the jack of all trades in the retail industry, allowing shoppers to develop film, shop for Thanksgiving Day, buy Dad a new digital camera, and stock the little league snack bar, all in one stop. But how do they keep prices so low? Who runs this place, anyway? This list will enlighten your predetermined Costco opinions and set any Costco mysteries straight.

So get to reading! Take a few minutes to learn about the evolution of Costco and vote for the Costco facts you think are the most interesting. And if you realize you’re in desperate need of a Tommy Bahama chair and a year’s supply of Pantene Pro-V, head to Costco Wholesale Corporation and one of their contented employees will be happy to point you to the right wood crate and you'll be getting a great deal in no time.

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    The Price of the Hotdog Combo Hasn't Been Raised Since 1985

    $1.50 for a fountain drink and a hotdog is unbeatable. Costco started serving this delightful duo in 1985 and has promised to keep the price the same. Fast forward a few decades and whaddya know? Promise kept.
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    Their Business Strategy Is Employee-Centric

    Founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman have kept things consistent at Costco. They believe in simple, wholesome business; they pay their employees fair wages, close the store on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and receive modest incomes in comparison to men and women in similar positions at other retail power houses.

    "If you hire good people, give them good jobs, and pay them good wages, generally something good is going to happen," says Sinegal.

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    The Kirkland Signature Brand... Not So Knock-Off After All

    You see "Kirkland Signature" on the packaging, but Costco actually has multiple big name manufacturers producing their products. Grey Goose manufactures Costco's vodka, Jim Beam makes their bourbon, and their scotch is a Macallan 18. And since you don't have to be a member to go on a booze run, you might as well save some cash and opt for the Kirkland Signature brand to stock your liquor cabinet.
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    You Can Get Free Tech Support for All Electronics Bought in House

    Can't get that new digital camera to turn on? Having an issue with your flat screen TV? Call Costco's free tech support and they'll help you troubleshoot. Their technical support team is available from 5 am to10 pm PST, seven days a week, which is pretty impressive considering they don't manufacture these products and they aren't a electronics warehouse.