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Costume And Prop Details Fans Noticed In Pixar Movies

July 28, 2021 240 votes 31 voters14 items

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Anyone familiar with Pixar movies knows that they are absolutely full of fun little Easter eggs and hidden details. Sometimes they show up in plot and dialogue, but fans online know that the most bountiful areas to look at are in the wardrobe and props. Take a closer look at Coco, for example. When in the spirit world, a hipster skeleton DJ wears the same t-shirt as Sid from the original Toy Story. Before he becomes the sinister villain Syndrome in The Incredibles, young Buddy makes his own superhero costume, using Mr. Incredible's logo to create a "b." Sometimes these little details are both a prop and a character. In Up, as Carl's balloon vessel rises into the air, it floats past a little girl's room. If you look closely in the corner, she has a Lots-o-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3.

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