Impressive Costume & Prop Details Fans Noticed In 'The Matrix' Movies

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In The Matrix trilogy, a lot of attention goes to the innovative fight choreography, heady storyline, and slick visual effects. A couple of areas that often get overlooked, though, are the costumes and props that make this historic franchise come alive. Thankfully, fans online are filling that gap, pointing out some of the most impressive facets from these areas that you might have missed. In The Matrix, for example, as Agent Smith grows increasingly obsessed with stopping Neo, his suit actually loses its green tint, making him appear more human. In several instances, Morpheus' iconic sunglasses tell more of the story than you may have noticed. Again, in The Matrix, when Neo decides to take the red pill, the reflection in Morpheus' shades shows Neo reaching out in one lens, but not in the other. Remember the child bending the spoons when Neo visits the Oracle? There are five of them resting on the ground, symbolizing the previous iterations of The Matrix created by The Architect.

Check out this list of costume and prop details fans noticed in The Matrix franchise, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Agent Smith's Sunglasses Become More Like Neo's In 'The Matrix Reloaded'

    From Redditor u/CorndogNinja:

    Agent Smith wears the same rectangular sunglasses as the other Agents. But in the sequels, he wears a unique angular pair closer in style to Neo's - illustrating how the two have become linked.

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    Agent Smith's License Plate References A Bible Verse In 'Matrix Reloaded'

    From Redditor u/GameCubeLube:

    In The Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith's Audi A8's license plate reads IS 5416 - referencing Isaiah 54:16 in the Old Testament: 'Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.'

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    The Desert Eagle 'Triggers' Agent Smith In 'The Matrix Resurrections'

    From Redditor u/lesi20:

    In The Matrix Resurrections (2021), when Neo's boss enters the room where he and Morpheus are fighting/escaping the SWAT team, he notices and picks up a Desert Eagle from the ground. This is the same gun used by all Agents in all the Matrix movies (and the same gun he kills Neo with in the first one). This is why his former self re-awakens (resurrects) as Agent Smith.

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    The Monitors In 'The Matrix' Belong To The Architect

    From Redditor u/disenchanted_youth:

    During the interrogation scene, we see Neo on a monitor bank awaiting interrogation. This isn't a security camera display - it's the architect focusing its entire attention on Neo. The Architect makes an appearance in The Matrix Reloaded.

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    Smith's Suit Loses Its Green Tint In 'The Matrix Reloaded'

    From Redditor u/Deggit:

    Inside the Matrix, everything is tinted green. But when Agent Smith becomes a rogue program his suit turns charcoal black like Neo's clothes, while the other Agents keep the green tint.

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    The Architect's Look In 'Matrix Reloaded' Is Based On A 'Father Of The Internet'

    From Redditor u/lopezjessy:

    The face of The Architect, the creator of the Matrix, was based from Vinton Gray Cerf, recognized as one of 'the fathers of the Internet.'

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    The Five Bent Spoons Represent The Previous Iterations In 'The Matrix'

    From Redditor u/thesko54:

    In the spoon scene of The Matrix, there are five bent spoons already on the floor, referencing the five times the Matrix has been reloaded before Neo.

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