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10 Historically Accurate Details About The Costumes In 'ATLA' That Are Actually Super Interesting

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Although it's set in a fantastical universe, much of the clothing in A:TLA is based on clothes that were popular across various real cultures and time periods. Vote up the facts about the clothing in Avatar: The Last Airbender that you find most fascinating!

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    Fire Nation Shoulder Pads Are Based On Thai Armor

    Many elements of the Fire Nation's culture are based on imperial Japan, whereas the Earth Kingdom is based on ancient China. When it comes to one element of their armor, though, the Fire Nation are much more indebted to Thai culture. The triangular shoulder pads common on Fire Nation armymen is pulled from traditional Thai armor (source: Cultures of Avatar: The Last Airbender), as well as Thai ballet costumes. Japan may be the greatest influence on the Fire Nation, but it wasn't the only one. 

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    Aang Wears Clothing Similar To The Dalai Lama In Season 3

    In the show's third season, Aang does a bit of wardrobe change, especially for the show's final scenes. In this sequence, Aang is dressed in more flowing robes, and his clothes more closely resemble those worn by the Dalai Lama (source: Architectural Digest). This is a fitting transition for Aang, as he becomes a spiritual leader whose immediate fights are behind him. The clothes he ends the show in are clothes signifying peace and prosperity.

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    Sun Warrior Clothing Is Similar To Southeast Asian Warrior Clothing

    The Fire Nation also has, hidden within it, the temple of the Sun Warriors, an ancient tribe of Firebenders who have a totally different culture from the more modern Fire Nation. As a result, their attire is totally different, and more closely resembles the clothing worn by native tribes in the Americas and Southeast Asia. That's particular true of the headdress worn by the Sun Warrior chief, which closely resembles the headdresses worn by chiefs in some native cultures (source: Smart History). 

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    The Water Tribes Wear War Paint Into Conflict

    Water Tribe citizens put paint on their faces before fighting. This is a tradition most closely associated with Native American culture (source: Encyclopedia.com), and another example of the ways that A:TLA was conceived at least in part by examining cultural traditions from around the world. The Water Tribes are most closely based on native cultures, but that's not the only place they draw influence from. 

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